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Around August 10, 2014

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Three Durable Plastic
Triangles in a Sturdy Storage Box

High Visibility Fluorescent Orange Color

 DOT Approved

Item No TF1000
Reg Price
NOW ONLY $15.00

Green formula is recommended for polishing medium to heavily oxidized metals.  Removes tar, rust stains, oxidation, scratches and tarnish from aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, brass and copper
Item No GG9861
Reg Price
NOW ONLY $20.00



Part No Color Description Reg SALE
UN35 Blue Ultra-Fine finishing, non-abrasive, will not cut $12.69 $7,50
UN16 Green Mirror finish & high luster shine $8.69 $5.00
UN17 Brown Primary cutting of aluminum, brass, copper, non-ferrous metal $8.69 $5.00
UN18 Gray Heavy cutting of stainless aluminum, all ferrous metals $8.69 $5.00
UN19 White Restoration of high luster and mirror finish $8.69 $5.00

5/8" & 1/2" ARBOR

Part No Color Description Reg SALE
UN82BW Blue For extra heavy duty cutting & polishing $10.49 $7,00
UN23BW Red Extra hard buffs for heavy cutting $8.69 $11.00
UN24BW White For finishing $10.49 $7,00
UN21BW Yellow For Moderate cutting and finishing $10.49 $7,00

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